In which Beatles song does Paul McCartney sing the title a whopping 36 times?

Today I come to know about the question in which Beatles song does Paul McCartney Singh the title 36 times.

The answer for this question is let it be. let it be song from Beatles.

Paul McCartney started to write let it be better song in the year 1968 during the white album sessions.

Paul’s mother inspired the song. Mary died when he was 14 years old. The opening lines when I find myself in times of trouble, Mary comes to me were based on a dream in which his own late Mother Mary came to him in his time of crisis, speaking words of wisdom that brought him peace whenever he needed it.

The Beetle song Let it Be was released in 1970, and a month later, McCartney announced that the Beatles had broken up.

The Beatles band broke up and a lot of reasons. Each member of the Beatles band have risen as a celebrity, and they become Businessman. Each of them found their way to lead their life and career and was never able to unite and do shows.

Also, the manager of the Beetle band died recently when they broke up and the new manager, who has no experience in handling commercial bars, also might be the cause of the Beetle break up.

Listen to the Beetle song let it be and have a note on how many times the phrase let it be repeated in the music.

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