Was Brent Faiyaz’s 19-track album WastelandBrent Faiyaz’s 19-track album Wasteland released?

Brent Faiyaz’s 19-track album Wasteland was released on Friday, featuring collaborations with icons like Alicia Keys, Tyler the Creator and Drake.

After the release lot of searches going on like people looking for all my lyrics all mine Brent faiyaz lyrics, fytb brant, does Brent Faiyaz have a child, dead man walking lyrics Jackie brown, ghettoGatsby brent, dead man walking rolling stone brand and joony.

Brent Faiyaz doesn’t seem to have any relationship yet. That is the answer for whether he has a child or not.

Christopher Brent Wood (born September 19, 1995), better known by his stage name Brent Faiyaz, is an American R&B singer and songwriter from Columbia, Maryland.

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